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The UAE is one of the today’s millionaire’s playgrounds; it has become a centre for so much commerce and tourism.

As well as state schools, there are also a wealth of private and internationals schools, educating the hoard of expat kids that find themselves starting a new life in the United Arab Emirates.

I'm an Adult Educator now in GED (English Language Arts, Career Pathways, and Transitional Skills). We didn't have a test or present a lesson or anything. Hi, Adeyemi,do you live in America and do you have America teaching license.

I just want to know how you got an invitation for in-person interview at Houston Texas.

Teachers tend to get paid very well, the typical TEFL teacher can expect to earn around 8000 to 12000 AED per month (approx 10000 AED = £1700, €2000, 00), and in most full time TEFL jobs in the UAE, you will receive free accommodation, medical insurance, and all visa costs covered, as well as some end of contract bonuses.

Life in the UAE may not be cheap, but the high, tax free TEFL wages make it very possible to live well and build up some great savings.

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