Accommodating hiv students

Originally, students with a 2 didn't know they were infected, so this can be a talking point for how HIV can be spread unknowingly as well as the importance of getting tested and making safe decisions.

Depending on what you're allowed to discuss in your district, you could use more numbers to represent other ideas in the simulation, like practicing safe sex or not sharing needles.

Give a few students bags of candy that are easily distinguishable from the rest, such as chocolate kisses.

The other students can receive bags of various types of hard candy such as mints, butterscotch, jaw breakers, etc.

It's also a good springboard into discussing what HIV really is and its associated symptoms.

This next activity will help students understand how HIV is and is not spread.

If/When/How envisions a transformation of the legal systems and institutions that perpetuate oppression into structures that realize justice, and a future when all people can self-determine their reproductive lives free from discrimination, coercion, or violence.

As they trade, they should record the number of each student they traded with on the back of their card.She has taught in K-12 for more than 15 years, and higher education for ten years.Teaching students about HIV is a tricky subject for teachers to navigate.Students can even make comic strips afterward to explain how HIV is and is not spread.When teaching high school students about HIV, you want to be sure they grasp how easily HIV can be spread.

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