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The interesting video to the user will be directly streamed from the public video server to the user's device. Our site only provides the initial link (or the pointer) required by the user's device to initiate a direct connection with a public video server.This article is within the scope of the Military history Wiki Project.This is backed up by renowned historians within the articles such as K. Nilakanta Sastri and George W Spencer in the article itself.The title 'Occupation' is baseless since the territories was incorporated to be a part of the kingdom and administration, and 'Anuradhapura' equally so, since the whole island came under Rajendra Chola's rule(with most of it already being under Raja Raja's).--The final stage of the conquest came in 1017.There is no guarantee given as to the accuracy of any individual item on the Site.

There's not a single mention of SL-Tamils in this whole article and that makes the infobox all the more irrelvant and misleading here.They are interested in finding new online friends and to talk with new tamil friends or members in tamilnadu.Lak Freedom Media has attempted to make the information on this Site as accurate as possible and is provided in good faith without any express or implied warranty.This form may be used to lodge a Copyright Infringement Notification requesting to remove a video on Copyright grounds.Once a video is removed from Youtube™, it will automatically be removed from this site. If you are the copyright owner of any of those video clips and you wish to remove a video hosted by any of those video hosting sites, based on copyright grounds, please contact those sites to remove a video.

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This infobox about Sri Lankan Tamils, is not relevant to this article.

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